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GeniCore raised PLN 8mn


On September 5th, 2017, IPOPEMA 112 FIZAN made a capital investment into GeniCore Sp. z o.o. The sum of PLN 8 million has been invested and it will enable GeniCore to carry out the key R&D projects necessary. Invest Concept acted as a transaction advisor for GeniCore.

PolTREG acquired VC investors


PolTREG S.A., a company dedicated to commercializing breakthrough therapy for type 1 diabetes in children, has acquired two new equity investors: Venture VIZ from TRIGON TFI and a fund managed by PAAN Capital. Invest Concept acted as a transaction advisor for PolTREG.

Acquisition of IBBC Group by Securitas AB


On September 23, 2016 Seccredo AB, a subsidiary of Securitas AB, acquired 65% of shares in IBBC Group Sp. z o.o., a company operating in the area of risk and security management. Invest Concept acted as a transaction advisor for IBBC Group's dominant shareholder.

BioMaxima S.A. merge with its subsidiary Cebo sp. z o.o.


Extraordinary General Meeting of BioMaxima SA was convened on 10 February 2014

Adform Group NewConnect debut


Adform Group shares jumped 22% on debut

Investors meeting with the CEO of Organic Farma Zdrowia SA


Board of Health Organic Farma SA Investor offers a meeting dedicated to the results of the first quarter of 2013 

First prize to Invest Concept for the best Authorised Adviser by Forbes Magazine


We are pleased to announce that the company Invest Concept took first place in the annual ranking of Forbes magazine to rank the quality of work Authorized Advisors! 

ICP Group NewConnect debut


ICP Group shares jumped 44% on debut

AdMassive NewConnect debut


AdMassive shares jumped 34% on debut

ForPosta NewConnect debut


ForPosta shares jumped 27% on debut

Quart Development NewConnect debut


Quart Development shares jumped 33% on debut NewConnect debut

2011-12-15 shares jumped 50% on debut

4 Invest Concept team members qualified for NewConnect Certified Adviser


4 Invest Concept team members qualified on the first try for NewConnect Adviser Certificate in the first exam in NewConnect history